Adding a Deck to Your Home

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A deck creates livable space outdoors where you can use the space to entertain friends, enjoy the warm weather and unwind after a long day.  If you have kids young enough to be playing in the yard it gives you a place to sit and keep an eye on them.  You can add shade to your deck so you’re not sitting in the hot sun and compared to other home renovation projects a deck is fairly inexpensive. Adding a deck adds more value to your home and you will love the outdoor space.  It is also a fairly easy DIY project that you can tackle in a weekend.

Before You Build a Deck

There are a couple of factors you need to think about before you start picking out the wood.  First and foremost, how much space do you have to work with and how do you intend to use it.  If you plan on entertaining then make sure it is big enough to accommodate a table and a couple of chairs.  The height is also a consideration, you want it level with your living space so you can simply walk out the patio doors onto your deck.  Will you need to install stairs to get from the deck to the backyard and where will you put the stairs if needed.  Do you need to install some type of canopy or do you have any natural shade where the deck will go.  The sun can get pretty hot in the middle of the afternoon, will you be able to sit on your deck comfortably.

Building a Deck

There are a ton of tutorials online that will show you how to build a deck there are endless YouTube videos that will walk you through it step by step.  Before you get to that though you need to address any issues with the area you’re going to put it.  Is the ground level?  Will there be any issues with drainage and do you have a suitable spot for the footings.

Check with your municipality to see if you need a permit to build your deck.  Some places will insist on it while others don’t bother.  Check anyway because you don’t want to be ripping your deck out because you didn’t take the time to get a permit.

If you want to take the easy route then you can buy a deck that you just assemble yourself.  These work just fine for most people, you get a simple 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 by deck, you follow the instructions and you can have it built in an afternoon.  On the other hand if you want a bigger deck or something more custom then you can get a carpenter in to build the deck for you.

Having a deck offers a lot of benefits. This is a very useful space not only for entertaining friends but also for unwinding and relaxing. Your children can also use the deck when playing. This is also a good spot for you when you are looking after them while playing at your backyard. Most importantly, adding a deck is an inexpensive way of improving the value of your property.


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