Managing the Costs of New Construction

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It is the American dream to own your own home, you work hard and save until the day comes that it is time to get your own home.  If you choose to build instead of buying an existing home you have a lot more control over the style and features that you want.  That being said it is really easy to let the costs get out of control.  Managing the cost of new construction otherwise you end up with half a house and can’t afford to finish the rest.  Here are a couple of different ways to keep your costs inline.

Start with the Basics

It is pretty easy to get caught up in the excitement of picking out cabinetry, spa tubs and flooring but before you do that you need factor in the costs of the important things like the wiring, the plumbing, the furnace and duct work.  The fixtures and fittings are for later with the money you have left over after basic construction.

Keep Things Simple

The more complex your home design is the more money construction is going to cost you.  You can keep your costs under control by sticking with basic design and don’t add any complicated roofing lines.  If you want more living space then build up rather than out.  It requires less concrete for the foundation and the roof is smaller, costing you less over all.  Save your money and spend it on the inside instead, that’s where you will be living after all.

Stay Energy Efficient

When selecting things like your heating system, windows, lighting, toilets and doors then always pick energy efficient options where you can.  You may pay a little more for it now but you’re going to be living in this home awhile and you will appreciate having lower energy bills because you chose wisely during construction.

Consider Recycled Materials

This goes along with building an energy efficient house.  Using recycled materials doesn’t necessarily mean installing used kitchen cabinets although that is absolutely a viable option.  You can use products that are made from recycled materials, they cost less and they are great for the environment.  You can get recycled steel, countertops and a whole bunch of other fixtures.  Talk to your builder about what you can incorporate and where you can cut costs.

Choose Good Quality Materials

Building materials can get expensive pretty quickly yet you still want quality materials or you will end up having to replace them in the future.  Look for sales, take advantage of contractor discounts and of course shop around.  When it comes to buying building materials you have plenty of options from the big chain stores to smaller local businesses that typically offer contractor discounts.  Go with whoever will give you the best price, there is no rule saying you have to buy all your materials from the same place.

Building a new home should be exciting, you’re in control of the whole thing.  You can pick out the architectural design that you like, along with all the cupboards, flooring and everything else.  Be careful about going over budget, make a plan and then stick to it and you can build your dream home.


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