Renovating a Small Kitchen Successfully

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Renovating a small kitchen successfully comes with its own challenges.  You don’t have the space to work with to add in all of the features that you want so you have to creative with the space you do have.  Here are some tips for making your small kitchen look good but more importantly make it work for you and your family.  Here is a look at some before and after shots of small kitchen renovations so you can see how much you can do to make the space work for you.

Add an Island

A small kitchen doesn’t have enough counter or cupboard space for all of the things you need it to store.  Your counters are filled with coffee makers, toasters, blenders and whatnot leaving you no room to prepare food.  A kitchen island is the perfect solution and if you use the same counter top it blends seamlessly.  Bear in mind that the island doesn’t have to be this huge thing with a built in breakfast bar, it can just simply be an extra bit of counter space.

Glass Front Cupboards

One of the things that actually makes your kitchen feel smaller is the cupboards.  You have too many cupboards in too small a space and you can’t get rid of them because you’d have nowhere to put your dishes so the solution is glass front cupboards.  These cupboards brighten up the room and make it feel bigger.  It will also force you to keep your cupboards organized because everyone can see inside them.

Use Lighting Creatively

Lighting is one of the best tools that you have to make your space look bigger.  Lights under your cupboards make the space seem cozy and hanging lights over the table or eating area make the room look bigger.  Talk with your renovation contractor they have done this many times and they can help you choose the right lighting to maximize your space.

Good Flooring is Your Friend

You have a smaller space so you can afford to go all out on the flooring.  Good flooring can draw the eye and make the space look larger.  Try using subway tiles or a contrasting pattern to elongate the room.

Add Some Color

Using color strategically is another way of making your space look bigger.  Kitchens in particular tend to be pretty monochromatic so putting a splash of color can draw the eye and make you believe the space is bigger.  The colored accent becomes the focal point so you don’t focus on how small the kitchen is.

Mix Materials

Kitchens tend to have all of the same materials, the counters are all granite and the cupboards are all the same color and there really isn’t a big variety of colors and textures working together.  Mixed materials tends to be more common in the living room, but you can do the same thing in the kitchen.  Add glass or a contrasting floor tile.  You do want everything in the kitchen to be the same style but it doesn’t have to be the same materials.

There you have it, a whole bunch of ways that you can use to renovate your small kitchen.  Talk with your contractor to see what your options are, they have plenty of experience working with small spaces and a good source of advice.



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